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Case Studies

Samples of work across a wide range of applications

  • Manson had the task of designing and building the complete Birkenhead Ferry Terminal, a full articular structure to sit on top of a moving pontoon. The conditions presented a number of potential difficulties that required a robust solution across all aspects of the design, materials, fabrication and install. Manson designed and installed the full pontoon landing, structures, fences and gangway gates. The outcome was a complete solution that catered for the specific requirements, while setting a benchmark for similar gangways throughout the marine environment. Click here to view the full story.
  • In downtown Auckland lies the historic harbour building, a landmark for the city and the gateway to its public ferry services. The city’s regional transport agency approached Manson Engineering to develop a solution to link the two piers at the terminal, which are adjacent to the historic building. Simply craning in precast concrete to link the two structures was an option, as was building a steel bridge, however the weight and proximity to the building would pose too many risks. Manson knew there was a better way. Click here to view the full story.
  • Following the success of building a walkway and stair-system for Makatote Viaduct Bridge, TBS Farnsworth approached Manson Engineering to design and manufacture some ute rigs. The asset maintenance company had some existing steel units in their fleet however they were too heavy and incomplete in their design. The mobile rigs, used for sand-blasting and metal preparation, needed a complete redesign to make them less cumber-some and more functional. Click here to view the full story.
  • At the heart of Auckland’s water transport service is the Ferry Terminal in downtown Auckland. A key focus in 2016 was the upgrade of Pier 2C at the terminal, a tired outdated wharf that operates the very popular ferry services to and from Waiheke Island. Installed in time for the busy summer traffic, the covered area provides shelter for up to 40 passengers, easing congestion on the main wharf. Click here to view the full story.
  • Auckland Transport selected Total Floating Systems and Manson Engineering to design and build a gangway that would set a new standard in ferry terminal infrastructure. The two have worked together on several successful projects over the years and there was a mutual understanding of the standards and challenges involved. Total Floating Systems were charged with making the concrete pontoons, doing the piling and managing the installation process. The Manson team were responsible for manufacturing the gangway, raised deck and ramp. Click here to view the full story.
  • GJ Gardner put the challenge to Manson Engineering to build and install lightweight window screens for their new development at Hobsonville Point. Manson has been involved with the production and installation of a number of different window screen projects for GJ Gardner. They not only create privacy but also make the home look very modern. The screens can be produced in a variety of colours and the designs are virtually limitless. These lightweight screens offer a unique look to any building or unit and really add to the property. Click here to view the full story.
  • GJ Gardner approached Manson Engineering with the task of making a functional louvre to complement their new houses at Hobsonville point. With close communication between both our design team and the Customer we were able to come up with a simple yet cost effective solution to compliment the overall design of the houses. Our Louvres can be tailor made to suit your needs with a huge range of styles and colours available. Click here to view the full story.
  • Manson Engineering began as a marina component fabricator nearly three decades ago and is now a premier bridge manufacturer and custom Aluminium fabricator. Throughout our long history, we expanded our team and our line of products to include the highest performance aluminium structures to span land as well as water. Click here to view the full story.
  • Many schools are opting for shaded playground spaces to shelter children from the harsh New Zealand sun and provide cover in inclement weather. Shade canopies and sails are a cost effective option and are often seen in playgrounds, however they are generally not very large. At Tirimoana School in Glendene Auckland, the school were after a giant secure canopy that could double as an outdoor learning and play space. Novashades were commissioned to make the canopy and Manson Engineering were challenged with building the structure to hold the canopy in place. Click here to view the full story.
  • You have just been quoted the build on a job, and at the bottom of the estimate lies the delivery cost. It can sometimes be hard to swallow. We didn’t want our customers walking away from a quote because of third party (exorbitant) transport costs. We knew there was a better way and we had the tools and ability to do it. So we set out to lower this cost for our customers. Click here to view the full story.