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Ute Rig Case Study


CLIENT: TBS Farnsworth
YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: New Zealand / Australia

Redesign mobile sand-blasting and metal preparation vehicle units to make them more functional.
Following the success of building a walkway and stair-system for Makatote Viaduct Bridget, TBS Farnsworth approached Manson Engineering to design and manufacture some ute rigs. The asset maintenance company had some existing steel units in their fleet however they were too heavy and incomplete in their design. The mobile rigs, used for sand-blasting and metal preparation, needed a complete redesign to make them less cumber-some and more functional.

Working closely with TBS Farnsworth to ensure all safety standards were met, the Manson Engineering team designed a bespoke rig for the utes. Made of aluminium the new rig system is a staggering 600kg lighter than the original, yet holds the same strength. All the intricate componentry was designed and manufactured in-house with special design consideration of the fold-down platform, ensuring it could still safely support 150kg - a worker in full blast gear. Trays for storing sand-blasting gear at the rear of the rig are now constructed of lightweight aluminium making them simpler and quicker for the team to remove. The lightweight structure is also easing the pressure on the vehicle. There is less load on the ute resulting in lower fuel consumption and making it easier for the vehicle to get to sites that were once difficult to access. The long-term benefits of the aluminium design are also reflected in reduced rig maintenance, with utes and their rigs no longer needing to come off the road to be recoated or re-galvanized. Since the supply of the first order, TBS Farnsworth has ordered a further four rig units from Manson Engineering.

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